messy houses anonymous

or at least as anonymous as the internet is these days...

amy requested messy house pictures. these are just a few of our house, there could have been TONS more. i didn't include pictures of rob's "man room", which really could be a post all it's own. (in fact i don't even go in there anymore, his mess frustrates me more than any other mess in the house...it's so full of random memoriabilia and pennies in ziploc bags and piled investment statements that i just cannot handle it. the messes in the rest of the house can easily be classified into laundry, dirty dishes, dusting, vacuuming, picking up, etc. but his room just has too many open-ended categories.)

we begin in the dining room...this picture just looks like it's a big wall with a computer...there's a dining table and 6 chairs. 2 of the chairs have been kidnapped for the computer and the others never get pushed in. the room isn't big enough to show the mess in just one photo so i'll have to maneuver to get the whole messy thing.

above is the stash of booze (for me) and packables for the kids' lunches when school starts. they've been sitting there for 6 weeks. school doesn't start for another 7 days.

a box of school supplies...and the birthday party extras from reese's birthday party back in mid-june. what the hell do i do with a box full of tea hats and fake flowers?!?

this is why there's 2 chairs to the computer...one for me, one for my sidekick. this table was cleared for about the first week i got the computer, now it's a catch all. to the right is a stack of papers to file, to the left is my cereal bowl, phone, a stack of empty steno pads...right in front, my beloved coffee cup. and did you know, habits are hard to break?

moving on...the kitchen.

clutter clutter clutter. my idea with cade's sight words might not have been the brightest. those post it notes are driving me crazy. above the cupboards we have what i like to call "sarah's club shopping addiction." i buy big boxes of food but have limited storage space. sigh.

this is the living room. a carseat whose cover is still waiting to be washed (yes the toddler is properly secured in a different carseat in the van)...the collapsible dog kennel which is made to be stored away but the dog loves it too much to put it away...the beach towels on the red recliner...the BACKPACKS that seem to follow my husband home but are not allowed to be put on the floor...ugh.

the basement/playroom. i refuse to call this the playroom but i have to call it something so the kids know what i'm yelling about when the mess gets too deep in here. it's not so bad today...out of focus, but i've seen it lots worse.

moving back upstairs, our bedroom.
oh my.
i'm not sure when this room will recover. i do my best to make my bed at some point during the day, doing anything beyond that is 'extra' in my book. at the foot of the bed we have a twin size box spring from moving the girl's beds around last week. the blue beach bag of swimsuits (remember the beach towels from the living room? they're waiting to come home to the bag after they get washed, dried and carried all the way upstairs)...the bag of crib sheets and mattress pads...ugh.master bedroom continued...dirty clothes, hamper of dirty clothes, rubbermaid container of blankets, crib mattress. i don't even know where to start. well, actually i do. i need to start with laundry, i heard reese saying she was wearing her last pair of underwear today.

this is reese's room. and yes, she made her bed today! yay! the rest is a disaster but the bed is made as good as she can make it. she's 7. i may put her to work on my bed.

this is cade's room. i should have gotten a better angle of the top of his dresser. it's full of lego creations that he refuses to break apart. add in the comforter wadded up in the corner (there was a pee accident that happened a month ago and it *might* have gotten contaminated, i should wash it to be on the safe side but i just haven't yet), the pink waterwing (???), and the assorted trucks i told him to pick up 3 days ago.
all the time that i spent snapping and posting these pictures, i bet i could have picked up quite a bit of the mess. my sudden devotion to this lonely little blog is astounding, but i'll do anything to avoid housework.


Amy said...

I thorougly enjoyed seeing my blog up on your computer. Seriously, that just made me feel really, really important.

The Jansens said...

I have to laugh at Cade's collection of Lego creations on his dresser. We have the exact same issue. Only now we have to Legos left to play with. At one time, we talked him into taking pictures of them and then taking them apart. We'll have to see if he'll actually go for it once it comes time to actually doing it.