it's been so long since i've posted...

...that there's a new format here on blogger. 

i doubt i'll post enough to get used to it.  suppose i should update a few things here. 

the kids:
they're getting older!  i know, i'm surprised too.  they're doing plenty of kid things: reading, lego-ing, scouting, talking back, needing bandages and bigger clothes...pretty much average stuff.  i'm so proud of them though, i think my kids are amazing!  that's not to say i don't worry for their future spouses on a regular basis, especially for my girls.  they are going to need some really PATIENT men in their lives.  i should start praying for those boys already, whoever they may be.

i'm getting older!  and grayer.  i am really shocked at how much gray hair is trying to sprout out of my head.  i'm even more annoyed that they gray hairs are some crazy texture and they usually stick straight OUT of my scalp, like they're waving to everyone that my roots need done.  gray hair is bad enough, the texture is just not fair. 

he's older too!  and grayer!  and balder!  ha, he's still a handsome man and i'm so happy that we're together.  we have regular meltdowns but we are probably both stubborn enough that we're not quitting on this thing.  dare i get too comfortable, but i'm so relieved that he still comes home to me at night. 

the critters:
still number 2.  they are (wait for it): older and grayer.  we almost lost the cat this january, he refused to eat for a week.  the veterinary fix for that was a esophageal tube sticking out of his neck that we had feed via syringe for about 10 days.  i will say it was easier to get his meds down the tube than in his mouth, maybe cats should all come with a tube out the side of their neck??  he finally started eating again and 4 months later is back to normal and just as grouchy as ever.  it was a $2600 vet bill, but we now know just how much veterinary care we are willing to do on a pet, and we will never do that again.  sorry current and future pets, but thems the breaks.

pooch is still a mooch.  still chasing frisbees and yakking regularly.  we love brown carpet, it matches the dog puke so nicely.

headlines of 2011:
we are no longer in northern virginia.  we miss it, but at the same time we think we're crazy for wanting to move back.  it's turning into a cess pool of humanity, but we didn't mind too much.  they have plenty of churches and some good shopping, it's easy to ignore all that humanity around you.

we are now on the west coast, doing $ubmar iner things.  i know, who saw that coming?  i thought for sure the na vy would keep us on the east coast.  rob is in charge and as he quotes a fellow captain "every day in command is above average."  personally, i'm going to spend the next 2 to 3 years on my knees praying for wisdom and humility for my husband. 

so that's the short list.  wait, not sure i mentioned that we're homeschooling???  yeah.  we're doing that.  we're finishing our 2nd year of it and it's going well.  we're going to forge ahead, reese will be doing 5th grade this fall and there's no way i'm sending my baby to the 5th grade wolves.  rob and i haven't really discussed how long we'll be homeschooling, and i'm using that to my advantage.  i'll have a 5th, 3rd, and 1st grader this fall (odd grades but even ages, wth??).  can't wait!


now coming to you...

from a brand new desk!!

i had bought this before leaving for iowa, but did not have time to assemble it and "settle in" before hitting the road. i had to dust it all of before beginning the assembly process, it sat around our dusty house for so long... but it's together and it feels nice. the desk is a bit higher than the card table i was using for the computer so it helps my posture. a bonus, i think!

i'm trying to post a picture from ikea's website but blogger ain't having it today. so here's a dandy little link :)

and here's my version. it would look much more organized with some woven baskets hiding all my stuff but those are an extra $16 each so that won't be happening soon.

i haven't even filled up all the cubbies yet!! i stole the lamp from my husband who wasn't really using it anyway (despicable me!) and now the top of my armoire is practically empty.

the rug at the bottom rocks, yes?? i swear i'm NOT 80 years old, but i do have cold toes 90% of the time.

this whole "workstation" (as IKEA terms it) was $119. if i ever decide i hate the desk part, i can disconnect it and still have the cubbies to use either vertically or horizontally.

we live about 5 miles from ikea, this may not be a good thing.


home again! (jiggety jig)

hello hello!

after 18 days staying with my parents in iowa, we decided they'd had enough and we headed back home to virginia. it was a nice trip, we really had fun. we hit adventureland in altoona, went to the maytag pool in newton (reese went on her first ever water slide ride and LOVED it!), hung out with the relatives around the pool in bussey, and pretty much just had a wonderful time hanging out watching the hummingbirds around my parent's deck.

we managed to plan a 3 day camping trip during the only 90+ degree weather that we had, but there was no where to swim because of the high water central/southern iowa has received this summer. the peters family only lasted 2 days in the tent, then we headed home and left grandma & grandpa in the a/c'ed camper for that night.

i managed to sneak away for a ladies' evening with some high school friends, wish i could have planned another one of those outings. cade had his 6th birthday while we were there and received 3 lego kits, so we might have to purchase another shelf for his room, he's running out of display space.

we just got back last night around 10pm. the kids let me sleep in til 8 and haven't bugged me for lunch yet, so i guess i'll go see what photos we came home with!


summer vacation starts today...

in approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes.

i have a huge to-do list and can you believe blogging is NOT on it, yet here i am.

i'm so good at procrastinating. hopefully i don't teach the kids that particular skill when we homeschool next year!

speaking of homeschooling, i stayed up til 1:30 this morning playing around with all the kids' books. i must be a bit of a nerd, i want to go through and start filling in the blanks. there's just something about a blank page waiting to be filled out that i just itch to get a pencil and sit down for hours.

however, last night i restrained myself and just organized instead. i also set up a rough calendar for our school, which has yet to earn a name. (yes, we get to NAME our homeschool, isn't that awesome??? one of our friend's school is called 'flying aces academy'.)

we'll be starting early in august, so we can finish in early may (ideally aiming for mid april but i'm trying to be realistic about this first year). that includes a month long trip to iowa through september/october (bringing school with us), a 2 week vacation at christmas, a 4 day break for my birthday in february (maybe we'll head somewhere warm in the middle of the week?), and none of this spring break crap. spring break at this age seems like such a waste of time, parents are ready to power through and just finish the school year which is dragging on and on and on at this point. if we finish soon enough in april, then we'll be able to enjoy the best of virginia's weather in the spring before it gets too hot.

chances are we'll be moving next may anyway, so not worrying about school during that time would be helpful. still no idea where to, rob is thinking either north of seattle, washington or back to southern georgia. i vote for georgia but i know how much rob hates the weather and how much he misses his home state of washington. the real fluke would be if we moved back to connecticut. there's one sub out of groton, CT that will need a skipper when rob finishes training, and rob would love to command a fast attack submarine instead of the 2-crew boomer subs (which would be the WA or GA ports). having 2 crews on a submarine does allow for more family time, however, and i did enjoy our year down in florida when we were there in 2007-2008. all the communities have POOLS! how can you not LOVE that?!?

anyway, back to the list. i only have 5 hours, 20 minutes til summer vacation starts! panic!!


a little jealous of the neighbors

most folks get jealous of their neighbors when they get a shiny new car or get a new toy that keeps their kids entertained for hours on end (reese has been eyeing the neighbor's trampoline for ages). i'm not alone in that, i admit that i felt a little bit envious of our neighbors up the hill over the last few days

they moved out yesterday.

see??? i'm green over here!!

let me share...
we've been living here northern virginia for the last 23 months. the kids have loved attending school and preschool here, the shopping is plentiful (hello IKEA!!), the neighborhood kids are similar ages and always outside, and the weather is generally pleasant. sounds like heaven to most people.

however, i am ready to MOVE on. this is the longest we've lived in one spot in the last 10 years and i'm over it. i'm tired of the house we've been renting, annoyed with the neighbors & their children, frustrated with traffic, pretty much tired of the whole northern virginia scene.

unfortunately, it will be at least another year before we move. rob will be detaching from his DC job in september and heading off to more training before his next sea duty. we will stay here while he completes elements in DC, in norfolk VA, pearl harbor, and rhode island for the next 7-9 months. the navy will tack on an additional few months of training at the end of that, so i'm thinking we'll be here til at least may 2011.

i think i just get all antsy in the summer, all of our moves have occurred during the summer. part of me just thinks that when the weather changes to hot and muggy, then it's time to start planning and packing.

of course i have more than enough to keep me busy, what the hell am i thinking?!?! we have our first year of homeschooling coming up, so it's probably best that we don't plan a household move any time soon. maybe staying here truly is what we need right now, as opposed to what we want.


a new post??? really???

yes, really!

laurie posted pictures of parker's tball shots, so i'm going to copy her. cade had a tball game last night and his very last one is on saturday. i'm so thrilled about tball being over i can barely contain it. i really don't know if we'll do tball/baseball again. not sure i can handle volunteer-managed events. i need better management than that.

here's one of cade suiting up to play catcher. i had to edit out the coach's wife's hoochie shoes. who wears heels to a tball game anyway??

cade making a fist at me. you can barely see him but i liked the fence perspective.

cade running to 3rd, and yes, i am too cheap to buy him baseball shoes.

cade seems to attract little girls like lice, this little girl was teasing him and they were goofing around during the game.

reese has 2 more weeks of tap dance before her recital so prepare yourself for more photos and possibly a video of that. the reserved seats were sold out (?!?! the day after tickets went on sale??? seriously???) so we're in the nosebleed section. i'm bringing binoculars and hoping my camera can zoom in that far.

and now: pedicure and trip to the library i think.


going to have to do something about that music

pretty cheesy, isn't it?!?

off to go edit...